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Capital City & National Flag Online Challenge

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  1. sunnywill

    sunnywill New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 6, 2010
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    Hi, Recently I developed two interesting quiz game that challenge our knowledge about the countries and cities on this planet we live. Do you want to be the best geographer on earth?

    The first one is “Capital City Online Challenge”. QR here


    You are able to choose the correct capital city for the country or territory in question. The one who score 10 with the least time spent is able to be the champion on the global online score board.You can also choose the favourite questions by continent.

    Another one is “National Flag Online Challenge”. QR here

    It is similar to the first one but you need to give the correct country or territory for the given national flag.


    Both two games support 2 player modes let you play with friends locally.


    Enjoy it! Ratings and comments are welcomed. Thanks.


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