Captivate or Streak? Hmm...

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  1. Sgroh87

    Sgroh87 Active Member

    My contract on AT&T ran out this month, and I was tired of my iPhone, so I decided I should try Android. On the 19th, I went to the friendly neighborhood AT&T store and picked up a Samsung Captivate. My first one was a dud, so I had them replace it with a new one (that has a working GPS that acquires in seconds!). But just yesterday I heard about the Dell Streak. I LIKE big phones (I was originally considering switching to Sprint or Verizon for the Droid X or EVO), and this thing looks pretty damn sexy. I have another couple weeks before my 30 days runs out, and I just wanted to know: should I stick with the Captivate, or go with the Dell? I've never owned a Dell product before, but all of the reviews I've been reading say that the Streak is an awesome piece of hardware.

    I mainly use my phone for media consumption: music, video, and gaming, plus Facebook and twitter. I spend about an hour a day actually using the phone as a phone. I play a lot of emulator games: SNESoid and GameBoid mostly.

    I really like the Captivate, and I'd be happy keeping it; it's just that I have a massive case of tech envy. I can't afford to always upgrade to the biggest and best, but when I can, I like to make sure that it really is the best option for me.

  2. Promenoshi

    Promenoshi New Member

    Dell Streak is awesome, but i even though multi-touch works on some apps, it does not seem to recongise it on Gameboid, i haven't been able to find a resolution to this which resulted in most game being next to impossible to play
  3. Sgroh87

    Sgroh87 Active Member

    Well, I've mostly been playing turn-based RPGs, such as Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Chrono Trigger.

    Do you expect them to actually update to Froyo anytime soon? That will solve the multitouch problems, right?

    I still have a good three weeks before my trial with the Captivate ends. Hopefully the Streak will be out by then, eh? :p
  4. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    Right now, hard to say about OS until it actually ships. Rumors are all over the place, but the safe money is on it shipping with 1.6. Then there are rumors that it will automatically update to 2.1 on activation and go to 2.2 in September and finally to 3.0 in Dec/Jan.

    Right now, the bigger question is will it ever be release :confused:

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