captivate to atrix 4g

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  1. barbj

    barbj Member

    My cappy stopped charging bad usb i ordered unlocked atrix 4g
    I live in mexico very exp. Electronics
    So some one is bringing it down.
    When i switch sim and sd card will atrix 4 recognize sd card...or what should i do when i get phone....not too literate with puter language
    I hope i love the atrix as much as my cappy.....
    Thank you
    From new atrix owner

  2. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    It should recognize the SD card. Now rather or not you will be able to access certain files that was created on your Cappy, is another story. Pop it in and see what happens. I have been using the same 16 GB SD card for two Android phones with now problems. As a matter of fact, some apps that I had backup data, I was able to place on my current phone after re downloading the same app from the market/Google Play.

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