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Captivate - TwLauncher crashing out of the boxSupport

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  1. aerojacket

    aerojacket New Member

    I'm on my second brand new Captivate in the span of days. First phone, activated, added one email account (corporate Exchange account) and almost immediately the phone started crashing with an error message about TwLauncher. After hours with AT&T support, they said the phone must be a dud and I sent it back.

    Second phone arrived, same exact scenario. Crashes so fast I cannot even make a phone call after it boots up. I have not rooted, texted, emailed, added a single app, used the maps or GPS, ANYTHING at all but add an email account.

    I tried to update the software from the settings menu, but it said there is no update available.

    Anyone else have this problem and a solution for a non-tech guy? I just want to make calls and get email!!

  2. aerojacket

    aerojacket New Member

    I've been using the phone for a month now, everything is great except I can't tether (can live without) and still can't sync my calendar to the exchange server. At least the phone doesn't crash entirely now, just the calendar app if I open it. Anyone have any luck yet? Although Kies appears in many suggested solutions, I have yet to figure out how that fixes it. I am not a savvy phone guy but my hope is that there are some settings (either in the phone or in my Outlook/Exchange calendar itself) that need to be adjusted. Or maybe the fact my calendar appointments sometime include attachments, or recurring appointments, or something like that causing the issue. Maybe Android 2.2 will save me someday when it comes to the Captivate...

    And if anyone knows how to tether of course send that my way too! (my understanding is an AT&T software upgrade took the feature away and we're just waiting...)

    Thanks and happy new year!

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