Captivate upgrade to 2.3.3 starting

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  1. outcastrc

    outcastrc Well-Known Member

    Looks like its starting to happen. My brother just upgraded to 2.3.3 on Rogers this morning.

    Edit to add:

    Confirmed I just updated to 2.3.3 with Kies.

  2. nicracine

    nicracine Well-Known Member

    Can anyone add details: is it locked? can it be rooted?

    I am using Serendipity VII right now, and I am not really happy with it, and I would give the official ROM a try, but I don't want to get stuck with an unrootable phone if I don't like it.

  3. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    snore.... they take long enough don't they? I saved myself a lot of grief a looong time ago and rooted and flashed and haven't looked back since. Kies? That turkey is still around?

    I suggest rooting while you know you can and then either going with 3rd party or if you like stock going with the many stock roms that only add root and freedom.

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