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captivate wifi problem there is no data in /data/wifi folder

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  1. atifbashir

    atifbashir New Member

    i have recently rooted my captivate and i am using new android 2.3.5 and kk4 kernal.

    All the basic things i know like flight mode disable etc.

    1. wifi shows error
    2. mac address unavailable in advance tab
    3. Bluetooth not working
    4. There is no file in /data/wifi folder

    1. please tell me is it hardware error or software.
    2. where is wifi and bluetooth drivers in android os (i need location plz)
    3. i have to know how i can debug my wifi

    and last thing please share some body /data/wifi folder files
    i shell be very thankful to you people.

  2. jjsaber

    jjsaber New Member

    I have the same problem to... Just like in my s720 lenovo.. The wifi also doesnt work.. And even the bluetooth... I am also finding any possible answers why it happened.. And how o fix it... Any one ? Plss help...

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