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  1. doctorwhobbc

    doctorwhobbc Member

    I recently received my Samsung i897 captivate in the mail. But i have noticed that the three main sensors (only ones im aware of) are not working. The accelerometer cannot be detected/is disabled so i cannot turn the phone on its side to write something or take portrait pictures. The proximity sensor doesn't seem to shut the screen off when im in calls and i have occasionally bumbed the screen with my ear switching it to speaker. and the ambient light sensor does change the brightness of the screen even when that option is enabled. I have never owned an android device before but after navigating the settings screen numerous times i did not find any options to turn these sensors on. I'm guessing this is not a hardware issue as it is unlikely that all 3 sensors are damaged on a new phone.
    I would also like to point out that when i bought the phone it was allready rooted and had no Swype keyboard, samsung apps, widgets or even wallpapers.
    It is running Andorid 2.1 (Eclair) and i have not installed any apps from anywhere except the andorid market place.
    I am thinking maybe installing the leaked 2.2 froyo update and this might fix it?
    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated,
    Thanks :)

  2. slntdth93

    slntdth93 Member

    Camera always stays in landscape mode. The default launcher (UI) does not have a landscape mode either. You can check the accelerometer works by going to music player, browser, GPS Test (market), email, text, etc etc.

    Proximity sensor - if you're holding your phone horizontally (flat on the table), the sensor gets disabled (glitch in google code?) if you are holding it relatively perpendicular to the ground and the screen doesnt turn off, maybe there is a problem
  3. doctorwhobbc

    doctorwhobbc Member

    ok so i didnt know that camera is only in landscape, BUT it wont change the icons e.g if i turn the phone upside down the icons wont flip to the new orientation. And as mentioned when trying to text it wont allow landscape mode and games 'do not detect accelerometer'. So i'm not sure whats going on.

    Thanks for the help :)
  4. doctorwhobbc

    doctorwhobbc Member

    bump. Nothing working still
  5. doctorwhobbc

    doctorwhobbc Member

    please someone, this is so frustrating.

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