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  1. thebrocklee

    thebrocklee Member

    When I take my phone out of the car dock sometimes, the app won't close. I've tried to close it manually in the app manager, but I can't find it. The thing that's really annoying is that the car app hijacks the home button. Whenever I press the home button, it goes straight to the car dock app.

    Anyone else with this problem or knows how to fix it?

  2. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    I had the issue briefly today, but I just powered on and off and it went away. Didn't experience it again tonight, once I got home and undocked it. I'm going to keep an eye on it, since I have 41 days left on my Best Buy return, in order to exchange if I continue running into issues.
  3. Mikenk

    Mikenk Well-Known Member

    It happened to me once; I just hit the X on the car app and it went away.

    Here's a question from the opposite side. How or can I launch the car app without the dock? I travel a lot on business and would like to use the car app in rental cars without the dock.

    BTW, this dock is great for music over the car speakers. The music app for the car dock is so simple even my wife could use it. I picked the Photon over the EVO-3D for business reasons - but this car dock is a great unexpected feature for me.


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