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  1. Ziuck

    Ziuck New Member

    I have paired my Atrix with my 3-Series BMW. It constantly drops and reconnects BT. The car will automatically try to download the phone's contacts. It appears this might be causing the problem.

    When I try to place a call while it is "connected" it will start the call then drop the BT connection. I start talking to the person and then it connects again but doesn't put the audio on the car speakers. After a few seconds it drops again.

    This is very aggravating! My HTC Inspire 4G and the many BB's I have connect and work flawlessly.

    Can the BT stack be modified?

  2. burger2535

    burger2535 Active Member

    I have bluetooth issues to my in car parrot will say paired successful but the phone wont connect. I even went and exchanged the phone with same results.
    Thanks John
  3. idroidberry

    idroidberry Well-Known Member

    I have a 330i with a aftermarket pioneer stereo with bluetooth.

    My blackberry would connect flawlessly.

    the iphone 4 and the atrix both are having issues .

    my atrix will only work when i make calls. When recieving calls it sometimes does not work.

    really annoying and cant figure out why.
  4. burger2535

    burger2535 Active Member

    we need a fix for this I tryed to connect to my stereo BT head phones to use in the car and the Atrix wont even find them let alone pair up with it.

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