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Car Bluetooth won't link with address bookSupport

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  1. rmblanck

    rmblanck New Member

    :mad:Just bought the Droid Charge and can't get it to link with the address book via bluetooth. In my car incoming calls are ok and dial by number are fine so the pairing seems to be working. The problem is that I can't dial by voice and it is illegal to dial manually in Maryland.


  2. cbeng

    cbeng Active Member

    I was looking to get the Charge for my mom, but I was concerned that some people reported bluetooth issues with the phone. As I researched this problem, I came across some forums that might have a solution for you.

    Check out this thread:

    The fix basically involves manually stopping or if you have root, freezing or renaming the bluetooth sharing service "BluetoothPbapService" under settings->app management->running services.

    Let me know if that does anything for you!
  3. richs10

    richs10 Active Member

    To the OP:
    Do other phones sync the address book on your car's bluetooth system? I have two friends who both have 2008 Lexus Hybrids which will not sync any phone's address book. Between the both of them, they have been unable to sync Blackberrys, Motorola droids and even an old Motorola flip phone. The problem for them appears to be the Lexus Bluetooth system.

    FWIW, my 08 Mini Cooper syncs the phonebook fine. (but no music from the phone over BT)

  4. GrammieDroid

    GrammieDroid Well-Known Member

    My phone book syncs with the Fiat's blue and me system. And now that I have the GB update, it stays sync'ed instead of me turning blue tooth off and on on the Charge. I love this phone!

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