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  1. CraigS26

    CraigS26 Member

    2011 Hyundai Sonata Ltd w/NAV Pkg (bd 7/2/10) & new Atrix 2 ........

    When I finally learned you SWIPE DOWN on the Notifications area when the "Phonebook Access Request" pop-up appeared I OK'd / got Contacts to Load via Bluetooth - BUT Ph #s Only - No Names. Paired Twice - No joy.

    There is an Android App above called Bluetooth File Transfer that uses FTP and OPP/Object Push Profile and a woman posted on their page (Read All User Reviews link) that she used it to Sync a MOT Razr with her Hyundai Genesis. She could Pair BUT got NO Contacts. I have NO CLUE how to use that App but will start looking for a helper.

    Anybody have an idea on my issue OR if this BFT App "looks" logical as a solution? - worked for her but car's year unknown. THANKS!!.

  2. CraigS26

    CraigS26 Member

    When attempting to Edit a Contact I discovered that there is NO NAME in the Names Boxes and that the AT&T store "Contacts Transfer" from an iPhone put the Contact names in a Box named "OTHER".

    I presume no car's Bluetooth system could find a name in "Other" and would, as mine did, be able Only to show Phone #s in the car's Contacts Screen.

    Problem solved......................
  3. CraigS26

    CraigS26 Member

    I FINALLY worked out a solution by placing ALL NAMES in the LAST NAME box. I prefer Last name first SORTS so in the Last Name Box I entered SMITH JOHN - Business Names in the Last Name box get alphabetized by 1st name anyway so that's a wash.

    The Sonata did NOT recognize the Atrix 2's Organization (Company) Box data, either as Other or Work; People names entered in the First and Last name boxes Loaded on my NAV screen but Sorted by FIRST NAME, which is too confusing. My phone Sorts and Lists by Last name - First Name.

    Don't know who to blame but hopefully a Sonata / Atrix 2 user will Google and find this workaround until something changes.
  4. CraigS26

    CraigS26 Member

    More fun n games in the Sonata. I had made Home a Contact with Caps HOME; My Voice Dialer would Never acknowledge HOME so I'd say Dial number; Deleted HOME & tried - Home - and it now dials Home hands-Free. Whodathunk it?

    More FYI to Atrix 2 / Sonata owners ...............

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