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  1. devswap

    devswap Active Member

    Hi all

    I wondered if anyone had come across a good car cup holder for the S4. What i am looking for (which may not exist) is a dock with the usb connector build in and the cable can come up and out the back / side and can be slid into the cars cup holder so it turns the cup holder into an angled doc. The usb cable can then be connected to the cars cigarette lighter.

    Anyone seen something like this (not the ones which have an arm and the base is pushed in the cup holder). Please could they post a link - I am based in the uk so something there would be ideal but would import if not


  2. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    They exist for iPhones and there are generic ones as well but all the reviews I have seen suggest that the ones that do exist are completely crap.

    A cup holder just isn't the right shape to hold something like a phone dock, which will be top heavy unless it is so heavy that it will break the cup holder.

    Perhaps you might be better off with one that mounts on the air vents
  3. allisonfranz

    allisonfranz Member

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