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Car holder for Wildfire - avoid this one!

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  1. cheesemaster

    cheesemaster Active Member

    Anyone found a decent car holder for the Wildfire yet? I bought this one advertised as a "premium" holder designed specifically for the Wildfire...

    premium wildfire car holder - Google Product Search

    It's not.

    The cradle is about 10mm too tall, and the plastic around the bottom obscures the micro-usb socket so you can't charge it. It was only after receiving it that I realised that the image is a photoshop - that is one of the HTC press shots of the Wildfire 'shopped into the holder.

    I'm also having trouble getting a refund out of the company I bought it from, but that's another story.

  2. KX36

    KX36 Member

    in the UK?
    sale of goods act
    goods and services act
    consumer credit act if you bought it on credit
    small claims court

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