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  1. jimrin

    jimrin Member

    I've noticed other forums have a thread on this topic for their phones, but didn't find one for x10 mini.

    Any suggestions out there for a car mount or car holder for the x10 mini? I've looked around and while there are some candidates, I guess I would like to take advantage of people's good (and bad) experiences with finding a holder for the x10 mini...

  2. toastedblue

    toastedblue Member

    Brodit do one, I'd highly recommend them, had Brodit holders for almost all of my phones

    there are passive and active versions on [​IMG]Ebay UK, don't know which country you're in so...

    search for "brodit x10 mini -pro" without the quotes
  3. reinaldo

    reinaldo Member

    If you're looking for a car mount or car holder, I suggest you visit a site which has lists of car parts. It is certain that you'll get the car holder that you wanted.

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