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  1. jimrin

    jimrin Member

    I've noticed other forums have a thread on this topic for their phones, but didn't find one for x10. (I just posted a question for the x10 mini, but I am also looking for a car mount/holder for the x10.)

    Any suggestions out there for a car mount or car holder for the x10? I've looked around and while there are some candidates, I guess I would like to take advantage of people's good (and bad) experiences with finding a holder for the x10...

  2. spikeithard

    spikeithard Well-Known Member

    I have a nice one that i got from best buy. its a kensington i believe. works as a clamp with foam pads on top and bottom and can rotate around 360 degrees.

    similar to this. this holder part is identical to mine but the arm that att. to window is not the same
  3. Dunc-x10

    Dunc-x10 Well-Known Member

  4. f891roy

    f891roy Well-Known Member

  5. dibberly

    dibberly Well-Known Member

  6. spikeithard

    spikeithard Well-Known Member

  7. dibberly

    dibberly Well-Known Member

    it might look insecure but it holds my phone (tightly) in place while i am driving....i dont need anything else like want it charging etc!!

    This is released by a button at the back, you pull it back to release it off the vent - simple

    Everyone has there own taste - some might wanna spend
  8. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

  9. dibberly

    dibberly Well-Known Member

    i dont like anything stuck to my window....sat nav, phone or anything

    prefer the ones that stick to the vents etc
  10. wooks63

    wooks63 Well-Known Member

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