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  1. cloudstrafie

    cloudstrafie Member

    I have the car home app that comes installed on the phone,I for some reason cannot het it to go away,at random times the small steering wheel icon pops up for less then a second then goes away.

    When it appears it stops anything im doing and makes my phone go loopy(stops internet closes what ever window im on),I thought freezeing with titanium pro would fix it but it's still poping up,have also try'd to uninstall it threw ttp then force uninstall it but it still keeps poping up when my phone reboots itself.

    1. I dont have/own a car dock

    2. I have B/O 3.0 installed

    3. I have the extended battery that vzw sold with the phone shortly after the phone was released

    4. If mainly pops up when im on the internet (4g) not wifi Or any app that uses the internet

    I dont have any clue what to do,any suggestions?

  2. Brandonson112

    Brandonson112 Well-Known Member

    Might you be around magnets alot? The carhome knows it should be activated by a magnet in the right spot on the back of it.
  3. cloudstrafie

    cloudstrafie Member

    Nope currently im at my kitchen table nothing on it but a table cloth,even as i type this it keeps poping up killing the keyboard on my.screen
  4. arlancam509

    arlancam509 Well-Known Member

    my phone does this as well when i put it on my desk at work. depending on where i put it on my desk, it will go into bootloop. the desk is metal and doesn't seem to be magnetic, but it sure does a number on my phone.
  5. sosaudio1

    sosaudio1 Well-Known Member

    Do you have your phone in a case?

    Have you taken the back off of the phone and possibly damaged the protective sheet back there? Not sure what in the heck I am talking about? Take the back access cover off to get to the battery and inspect the back plate. Make sure that the protective sheet is still in place on the back plate. LG has writing on this that tells you to protect that sheet. While there remove your battery as well for a minute or so. Doing so may clear out any hardware issues that your phone may be having.

  6. WaVeS

    WaVeS Well-Known Member

    This kept happening to me with BO2. I just did a data wipe, re-flash (fresh download), and freeze it again. Try another app to freeze it. I've used anttek app manager in the past.
  7. cloudstrafie

    cloudstrafie Member

    Shouldnt be damaged i put the battery in right after i got it,but i checked and it look fine to me,the extended battery came with a (extended back cover) then a hard case on top of it, has a little pop out stand on it if i wanna prop it up, i dont want to make a new thread but i might have to.

    I posted on the B/O rom thread that my phone has not gone into bootloop/reboot mode,but as of recently its been going haywire with the car home app showing before it starts it loop, but sence i keep seeing the car home app pop up just before it reboots i thought it might question a concern.

    The thing is it wont stop rebooting unless i shut it off entirely,but as i said it happens alot with me useing 4g,

    I have no idea what has caused this to go nuts other then seeing this apps icon pop up before my phone goes ballistic,only app i installed recently was world war and alarm
  8. cloudstrafie

    cloudstrafie Member

    I really need help with this app i"ve tryd freezeing with mutiple apps deleting the apk but this app refuses to go away can someone help me plz it keeps senfing my phone into a bootloop when its on 3g/4g but not on wifi
  9. neckchop

    neckchop Well-Known Member

    I don't mean to hi-jack this thread or possibly steer it off topic, but what is that sheet on the cover for?
  10. bones420la

    bones420la Well-Known Member

    im not 100% sure but id bet part of its purpose it to attempt to keep magnets from damaging the sd or sim card... since the dock/pouch sensor is magnetic.. it cant be an antella because theres no way for it to connect to the phone
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  11. bhl62

    bhl62 Active Member

    I have used the Car Home app on my LG Ally but can't find a shortcut to it on my Spectrum (firmware VS920ZV6). It's listed with a size of 0 bytes in the All apps list but I don't see a way to open it - or is it now hardcoded to a magnet in a vehicle dock?
  12. cloudstrafie

    cloudstrafie Member

    i had to download a file so if i wanted to see the actual app but i still cant remove it :/

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