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Car kit and Galaxy S3 placing a call problem.

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  1. mbo

    mbo Member

    I did get the Parrot Minikit Smart bluetooth hands free for my car. I've found it ok for my needs. There is a problem thou. If I set my screen to lock (pin required to unlock) the dialled calls do not come trough. If I unlock manually the screen, say 5 min later, the phone start to dial. Sure, I can disable the screen locking and the call will go trough stright away. My question is, is there any way so the blutooth car kit will unlock the screen for the outgoing call? I would preffer to keep the screen lock at all times rather than turn it on/off every time I access/leave the car. This is for the security reason.

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    You can use Llama or Tasker. You can set those to turn off the screen lock when it detects your car's bluetooth connection, then reenable it automatically when you leave the car. You wouldn't even have to worry about it.
  3. mbo

    mbo Member

    Thanks a lot. Any of the two more recommended?
  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Well, Llama is free, but Tasker can do more stuff.
  5. mbo

    mbo Member

    ok.. have both now, trying to sort that out, no joy so far.
  6. Davdi

    Davdi Well-Known Member Contributor

    Dialling while driving may be illegal (it is in the UK), but it's certainly dangerous whether you use the phone in its holder or dial from the Parrot. If you can, pull over and park somewhere safe, then dial. Once the phone starts ringing you can continue your journey as it's relatively safe to talk while driving. I only answer calls via my stereo's bluetooth while driving. The mike is on my sun visor and the call goes through the car speakers.
  7. mbo

    mbo Member

    That's why I got Parrot, it is BT. The problem is that if I want to place a call, the phone needs me to manually put security pin - stupid as it is, it somehow override the purpose of hands-free calling.

    BTW I've not managed to set any of above programs to do what I want yet :(


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