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  1. lianamscott

    lianamscott New Member

    My new Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE just went randomly into car mode. I easily turned it off but, my phone was just sitting there. I wasn't even holding it and it went into car mode.

    Anybody? :confused:

  2. bmacranmer

    bmacranmer New Member

    My phone used to do the same thing, and for some reason doing the following stopped it:

    Settings>Display>In-Pocket detection (disable it)

    Don't know what In-Pocket detection has to do with Cardock/Car mode.... but doing this fixed the issue for me....

    Hope it works for you!
  3. lianamscott

    lianamscott New Member

    My phone doesn't even have that setting. I found the auto/car mode settings under Settings/Voice input and output, under Voice output/Text-to-speech settings. My automobile mode is definitely turned off.
  4. djasonpenney

    djasonpenney New Member

    On my VZW Galaxy S3 LTE, I found it in the Phone App->Settings->Call Settings->Increase volume in pocket

    This is DEFINITELY what was causing the problem for me. Thanks for the tip!
  5. alfredo_torres

    alfredo_torres New Member

    In android 2.2 go to applications>running services... and stop car mode service.
  6. beaclarke

    beaclarke New Member

    I have a HTC wildfire S and since i dopped it yesterday, car mode has kept turning itself on. how I stop this from happening?

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