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  1. JPsDroid

    JPsDroid New Member

    I know the iPhone has an application to start your vehicle from Viper. Has anybody heard about an app for our phones?

  2. DanSan

    DanSan Well-Known Member

    nothing yet.. but probably a stupid app. i do car installations at work and ive put a few of these things in and i think their so useless. it takes like .2 seconds to hit the button on your keyfob but can take forever to find your phone, unlock it, find the app, run it and then hit the button.
  3. DevinB

    DevinB Active Member

  4. MarkHirt

    MarkHirt Guest

    WOW the remotes you install must have unlimited range
  5. DanMan3395

    DanMan3395 Member

    DanSan, your presumption that it is a shitty app simply because android doesn't have it is moronic. Its a great app and shame on Android for not having it.
  6. DanSan

    DanSan Well-Known Member

    not the case at all. I think its a stupid app for the pure fact that u can just use your remote. it takes longer and is more annoying to pop out ur phone and use it. practical and cool dont go together.

    even if android had it i wouldnt use it. i have installed a few of these systems and even the people who own them tell me they barely use it. its just a "cool" factor.
  7. DanMan3395

    DanMan3395 Member

    but the advantage lies in huge range and feedback. I have a VERY high end auto page starter in my car and it boasts a 1 mile range. This of course is still tiny compared to the iPhone viper option and mine is also heavily affected by obstruction, shortening the range much further.
  8. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Great is highly subjective. My cars are all stick and it would totally pointless for me unless I want this sort of thing to happen:
    Dealership Remote Starts Customer's Mustang Into Pond, Car Totalled - mustang gt - Jalopnik

    How is it the OS's fault? Don't developers make apps? :confused:
  9. DanMan3395

    DanMan3395 Member

    Its the OS's fault because the OS mfg creates the software licencing model that application developers use. Apple charges $300 and you can create and sell whatever you want. Android has a MUCH more complicated process that is way more expensive so there is MUCH less motivation for developers to bother with making their app work with android.

    Also, Great, although subjective still only applies to its intended application. No one should be installing a remote starter in their manual vehicle unless they ALWAYS park in nuet with the e-brake on.
  10. Biggest Fro

    Biggest Fro Well-Known Member

    Danman, show me proof of where Android charges any money to create and publish an app tot he Market.

    TBH, you're being pretty self-centered.

    The ONLY advantage to this app is the range, but why would you want to start your car from 10 miles away? I say if you can't see your car you probably don't need it started.

    Or here's a better thought, stop being lazy and go start it yourself.

    Only in America.
  11. DanMan3395

    DanMan3395 Member

    Biggest, that may be the worst post of all time. You actually think people remote start their cars because its HARD to start it in the car? Is that a serious statement?

    Here is a very much simplified break down of becoming an android dev:

    How to Earn Money By Developing ANDROID JAVA Applications |

    Honestly though I think the open source alliance is making serious progress in getting developers back into the non-apple markets by reducing the overhead but its still not nearly as easy to write apps for android as it is for the iPhone.

    I wish it was because I like android WAY more and when the nexus one hits the Verizon market i am going to be all over it but currently the droid market place has less than half the amount of available apps and NONE of the extremely clever and useful ones for iPhone are on android. By these I mean the home monitoring, car starting, credit card swiping etc. apps.
  12. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Well-Known Member

    Look at the recent posts to this thread, and see what's left if you ignore all the ad hominem argumentation ... not a lot, eh? :mad:

    So, please refrain from personal attacks and revert to the topic at hand -- or you'll find yourselves reported to the grown-ups! :p It's up to you. :cool:

    That said...
    -- @JPsDroid: Sorry, but no I don't think there is a car starting app available. But you might want to talk to the developers of the iPhone app; it's likely they are interested in doing an Android version.
    -- I agree with DanSan: if you have a keyfob that can start your car (nearly) instantly, why have an app to do the same thing if the app takes orders of magnitude longer to access? Also, I live in a stick-shift country and (like takeshi) don't at all understand the need for starting a car remotely. If you want an instantly warm car, an oil heater is much more efficient.
    -- I must back up Biggest Fro in the claim that one can develop and publish a real-world Android application without any other expense than your own time; although in fairness it must be conceded that there is a one-time $25 fee to be listed as a publisher in the Android Market.
  13. BuzWeaver

    BuzWeaver Well-Known Member

    O'boy not the'ol Ad hominem's.

    What I'd like about remote start capabilities would be for cold mornings. The old school method is braving the cold to start your car, then having to run back into the house. If I could remote start my car I'd be golden.
  14. djstr0be

    djstr0be Member

    I just wanted to chime in here about people seeing this being useless if your car is so far away..What about people who live in apartment buildings? So many times I have found myself repetedly pressing the start button on my auto starter praying it would work..Or times when I have to keep pressing the button as I get closer in hopes of seeing the good old hazard lights finally flash..This is a perfect app and it should be praised...I personally live in the 35th floor of an apartment and my autostarter is pretty much useless..With this app working on 3g I can simply start the car Lock the doors and im good to go
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