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Carbon Fiber Back Mod - TutorialTips

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  1. IlliniDawg01

    IlliniDawg01 Member

    DI-NOC comes in all kinds of patterns.

    Digital Media Repository

    You should be able to request a sample from this site...

    Interior Design Solutions

    I also am curious as to how well the DI-NOC can be removed. After removal does the cover look like new?


  2. Bek

    Bek Well-Known Member

    It's just a decal - peels right off.
  3. IlliniDawg01

    IlliniDawg01 Member

    Used the 3M Di-NOC black carbon fiber.

    Followed Beks instructions basically, but used my wifes exacto art knife for trimming. The hair dryer helps as mentioned for the rounded edges and corners. A metal ice pick type tool works great for the speaker grates. I had planned to cut out the HTC logo, but there is just no good way to do it...

    It turned out awesome. No hairy edges (sharp knife makes a huge difference). Looks like the phone was built this way. A great $10 mod.

    Here are some other patterns for people to try:

    3M US: Graphic Solutions: DI-NOC? Architectural Finishes: Product Gallery

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  4. PhantomSkinz Guru

    PhantomSkinz Guru Active Member

    Just an FYI. We make patterns from Carbon Fiber using our existing Chromatics designs. A couple of us in the office have it on our own personal phones so I am attaching a couple pics of each for your review. Any questions, reply here or PM me. BTW, nice write-up!


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  5. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

  6. SeauxCrazy

    SeauxCrazy Well-Known Member

    ohhhhh Phantomskinzzzzz

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  7. bernechad

    bernechad Well-Known Member

    hey, does that phantom skinz only cover the battery cover? or does it have side pieces that cover the rest of the back?

    i'd like to try either the chromatics or get some of that carbon fiber film and cover the entire back (cutting out for the battery door obviously), sides, top and bottom, then put screen protector on.

    oh, one last thing....do any of these provide enough thickness to where the phone doesn't lay on the camera lens?
  8. ToNrDrOiD

    ToNrDrOiD Well-Known Member

  9. ToNrDrOiD

    ToNrDrOiD Well-Known Member

    it looks like u did this one yourself because it looks different then the pic they have posted .. especially the speaker

    i like your better .. haha .. covers the sides and prob feels better in the hands and covers the sides ... the one from phantom looks to just be for battery cover
  10. PhantomSkinz Guru

    PhantomSkinz Guru Active Member

    Hi bernechad,

    Our Chromatics patterns cover the following for the EVO 4G:
    1) The Battery Cover
    2) Kickstand
    3) 4 strips that cover around the sides

    You can see the coverage by checking out our skin for our Original Clear or Matte Full Body Kit. Here is a link for it.

    Phantom Skinz - Clear and Matte-Finish Protection Film for HTC Evo 4G

    There will be some very slim edges exposed between the battery cover and our side strips. These areas are so thin that any attempt to cover them will result in them peeling off after use.

    Also, all Internet orders from us does include a 2-pak of our Original Clear Screen Protectors.

    And for your last question, I don't know if our CF is thick enough to protect the camera lens bezel. I'll see if I can find that out in the next few days.

  11. ToNrDrOiD

    ToNrDrOiD Well-Known Member

    are there any discounts and free shipping from orders from androidforums?
  12. SeauxCrazy

    SeauxCrazy Well-Known Member

    LOL, it's not mine guys. I stole that from the phantomskinz facebook pictures.
  13. PhantomSkinz Guru

    PhantomSkinz Guru Active Member

    Hi ToNrDrOiD,

    Yes we do. We currently have a 30% off Sale going on for the summer. Just use the discount code "summersale2010" (all lower case) at checkout. Also, we offer Free Shipping via the USPS First Class Mail in the US. Other shipping options are available at an additional cost.

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  14. backdown

    backdown Well-Known Member

    Went ahead and ordered this sample today, should be in by early next week. I have always been a fan of the carbon fiber look, so this will compliment my phone well. Thanks for the instructions. Maybe ill have enough to do the bottom of my phone where the touch buttons are..that'd be nice. Possibly the top also? Who knows.
  15. Furtwangler

    Furtwangler Active Member

    I want to also try the sides, pretty much where there is no glass. Dunno how easy that will be though. I'm not touching the top glass surface of the phone, I just don't think the change from the carbon fiber to glass like that will look good.
  16. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    LOL...Wish I had checked back in on this thread before going to Unique Skins and making a custom one out of a JPG of dark blue carbon fiber...hahahaha. Oh well. I only got the regular kind (not scratch proof), so it wasn't inexpensive, but still shoulda checked here first.
  17. Hrshycro

    Hrshycro Well-Known Member

    We need to track this guy down and get him to make us a pattern, I'd give him money for it, too!
  18. PhantomSkinz Guru

    PhantomSkinz Guru Active Member


    That pattern is ours. This picture was taken after doing the first Carbon Fiber installation at our Mesa Arizona retail location for a Sprint employee. The picture was then posted on that store's Face-book page. The photo on our web site does not do justice as to how cool the Carbon Fiber looks. In addition to looking like Carbon Fiber, the material also has a slight texture that adds to the look.

  19. backdown

    backdown Well-Known Member

    If i have some extra left over ill go ahead and try it, if i dont like it i can always take it off:)
  20. ToNrDrOiD

    ToNrDrOiD Well-Known Member

    i agree the phone on the site doesnt look the best. Doesnt look like real carbon fiber .. just a smooth skin with no texture feeling. Like a gloss feel. the oe that was posted on facebook looks real nice. U said that the cover covers the sides and all but if u switch to another one of the skins, for example the silver .. u can see that the sides are not covered :confused:


    send me a review carbon fiber and i will make a video and answer everyones questions and set the record straight on the real look !
  21. backdown

    backdown Well-Known Member

    Because im sure they will send you a skin for free, for someone who just has 47 posts and no significance on this site. Hell, they'll prolly overnight it to you.
  22. ToNrDrOiD

    ToNrDrOiD Well-Known Member

    it was more of just a statement that many questions still wonder around .. and this is prob one of the sites i visit the least, and most recent that i joined.. if they wanted more credentials i can provide them with all the other sites that i have over 5 yrs and 1000 posts and great reps on ..
  23. backdown

    backdown Well-Known Member

    Still, the chances of them sending a free unit to a nobody is slim.
  24. backdown

    backdown Well-Known Member

    Got mine today, and after messing with it i got it to where i am happy with it. I will prolly touch up on it at a later point, but it works for now.


    Also as i was curious and someone else may be, you are able to put the carbon fiber gear vinyl over the touch buttons on the bottom of the phone, they still register your input.
  25. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    My custom Unique Skins (made with 3M material) is supposedly shipped, so I'll take some pics for everyone to see how the quality came out (once I receive them).

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