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  1. incsmiro

    incsmiro Well-Known Member

    got cardio trainer on my desire and loving it to be honest. Couple of questions though, has anyone upgraded to the pro version? what are the benefits of doing so? does it work with a heart rate monitor at all, if so what would I need to buy?


  2. jay_kay

    jay_kay Well-Known Member

  3. mikey_mike

    mikey_mike Active Member

    I have tried CardioTrainer but I have now switched to SportsTracker (free app) because its a much better app for cycling.
    It also has options for a bioharness for heartrate etc. I dont bother with it.

    The best part of SportsTracker is if you ever lose battery power with your Android phone it autosaves your data and give you up to 1 hour to replace it and then 'resume' from where you left off.

    It also have overall better data if thats what you're into.
    The Recent Tracks saved and the ability to watch the virtual workout is pretty cool
  4. incsmiro

    incsmiro Well-Known Member

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