Carphone Warehouse - Phones need replacing.

  1. ZingXao

    ZingXao Well-Known Member

    In the past year I've bought three phones from the Carphone Warehouse. The first phone was the Samsung Galaxy Apollo. From day one it had a screen problem but the Carphone Warehouse wouldn't replace it as they couldn't see it, when I tried to explain it was intermittent. In the end I had to go to another Carphone Warehouse and ask for an exchange, so I got the LG Optimus One. That was even worse, because it just kept restarting and rebooting, and I was unable to exchange it again, and low and behold, when the engineers used it, it was fine.

    I bought the HTC Incredible S from them yesterday, and the housing surrounding the micro USB charge port is loose and rattles when the phone moves. It's also rebooted a few times by itself. It was the last one in the store, and when I got it the box was battered, the the battery wasn't in the phone, it didn't have any of the original covers/cellophane stickers on it at all, and the charger etc didn't come in bags.

    I've spoken to a Carphone Warehouse where they have TWO left in stock, and they've put one aside for me. Do you think they'll think it's worthy of an exchange for, hopefully a perfectly brand new unboxed phone when I tell them that the phone rattles due to the loose charge port housing, and the fact it's been rebooting by itself?

  2. Slug

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    Did you purchase this "as new"? If so then I'd say that you have a legitimate claim under consumer law, as it obviously wasn't.

    If they don't, get in touch with your local authority's consumer protection/trading standards unit for advice. A handset rebooting spontaneously is not normal and indicates a fault. UK law is quite clear about goods sold having to be "fit for purpose", and if they're not then the retailer is required to replace them.

    Be firm but polite, explain the issues you're having, and justice should be done. :)

  3. ZingXao

    ZingXao Well-Known Member

    Well, I went to the Carphone Warehouse with the two left, the guy that served me was extremely helpful, he swapped the phones no questions asked. He told me that the box is a bit bruised due to storage but showed me that the box was still sealed. I got home, opened it all up, the phone had all the correct stickers in etc. The housing for the charging port still wobbles a bit but not as much as before; so am guessing it's just the way the phones are built. The previous Incredible S had a problem with the soft keys were you could see the rotated button behind the pre-rotated button, but on the new one they're all perfect. Also, the power buttons and volume buttons on the previous phone were a tad loose... the ones on the new phone are solid.

    ... and it has come with Gingerbread already installed, whereas the other one still had Froyo. So I'm extremely happy with the replacement!
  4. volvo940seturbo

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    Well I have to say, my experience of CPW staff, is one of complete and utter disgust. They seem to have very little training or knowledge of any type of phone, they are only interested in selling a contract as they get commission, and they have very little time for a customer who dares to ask a question, or who knows more than they do, which to be honest, is most of the general public.

    I Purchased a Nexus S sim free from my local store two weeks ago, as it was on offer for

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