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  1. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

  2. hxadecmel

    hxadecmel New Member

    I tested my Electrify from US Cellular using Lookout, Voodoo, and "Carrier IQ spy" from the marketplace. All three said i was clean. hopefully they are correct. :)
  3. okcjeeptech

    okcjeeptech Member

    They are. I work in USCC Tech Support and had a call about this the other day. I tested the electrify, Mesmerize, hero, wildfire, merge, gem, tab, and desire. The hero and gem sbowed elements of carrier IQ but were inactive. That program is used for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes and is not something that USCC uses. USCC doesn't necessarily need Carrier IQ like the other carriers do. They use it for network diagnostics and troubleshooting by analyzing the usage of the phone, and we don't use anything of the sort in Technical Support, it's all network tools.

    This is the official communique from tech leaders:
    Many of you may have received inquiries from customers regarding USC's usage of Carrier IQ Software that has been in news articles over the last few days. At U.S. Cellular
  4. hxadecmel

    hxadecmel New Member

    Thanks Jeep, I also verified that my mesmerize is IQ free.

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