Carrier sent me a test MMS and I cannot open it

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  1. itisthumper

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    I was having trouble sending (I receive just fine) MMS so I contacted Tmobile technical support. They sent me a test MMS from their email.

    The MMS shows up on my notification bar but whenever I click on it, it merely opens up my text app (Go SMS pro) without opening the actual message. The message doesnt even show up in my text message list on Go SMS Pro.

    The MMS therefore stays on my notification bar and I have no idea how I can get rid of it.

    Any ideas? Ive already rebooted the phone

  2. itisthumper

    itisthumper Member

  3. itisthumper

    itisthumper Member

  4. shelliewnj

    shelliewnj Well-Known Member

    well, I don't have go sms, but I have a different messaging app from the stock app. I have it set to disable the stock app, which also disables mms messages. you would have to go to the settings on the go sms and re-enable the stock messaging app to see an mms, I think.

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