Carrying your phone in your back pocket.

Do you carry your phone in your back pocket?

  1. No

    15 vote(s)
  2. No. That's stupid

    29 vote(s)
  3. Sometimes

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  4. Yes, most of the time.

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  1. vice86

    vice86 Well-Known Member

    i was called stupid and other things for mentioniing I carry my Note in my back pocket..."so you have to pull it out everytime you sit down? That's stupid!!!"

    Do you carry your phone in your back pocket? If i have a jacket on then I put it in the coat pocket.

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Might be OK, as long as you remember to take it out before you sit down....CRUNCH!!! Of course you might forget to put it back in your rear pocket when you get up, that could be bad, especially in a public place.

    Beware pickpockets as well. An expensive looking Galaxy Note hanging out of a rear pocket could be rather tempting. I'd certainly never keep a wallet in a rear pocket.

    Always carry my phone in front trouser pocket even when I'm wearing a jacket, as Mongolian style jackets don't usually have pockets.
  3. SIII groupie

    SIII groupie Well-Known Member

    I sometimes carry in back. I have sat down and not broke. Empty pocket most important to me. No change, lighter to damage screen.

    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    Same here. I carry my phone in my bag (if I'm carrying one), the inside of a jacket pocket or in summer my front pants pocket.
  5. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Well-Known Member

    RMA would see PCMCIA modems returned for repair with a slight curve to them. One day, it dawned n them that the curve likely came from people putting the devices in their back pockets and then sitting down.
  6. Kamau

    Kamau Well-Known Member

    No pockets for me except inside coat/jacket pocket. That's what the belt case is for.
  7. Clementine_3

    Clementine_3 Well-Known Member

    I always carry my phone in my back pocket, and always remember to take it out before sitting down.
  8. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Well-Known Member

    And that is a good place for it. I keep mine in my briefcase or a coat pocket. I use to keep it in my shirt pocket, but it tends to fall into the toilet when I bend over.
  9. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    front left pocket is for the phone. the front right pocket is for keys. i never have my keys and phone in the same pocket.
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  10. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    I think we all can agree, we need tablets that can fold up into a decent small size ;)
    I say we'll see something like that within the next 10 years...
  11. SamuraiBigEd

    SamuraiBigEd Under paid Sasquatch! Moderator

    Most of the people I know who carry their phone in any pants pocket are also the ones with cracked screens...funny thing is they can't for the life of them figure out how the screen got cracked!

    I always use a case and holster and my phones look brand new when I get rid of them.
  12. saptech

    saptech Well-Known Member

    Since I've had this current phone, I usually put in front pants pocket, shirt pocket or coat pocket if wearing one.

    When in my shirt pocket, I've learned to hold it if I bend over. When in pants, I usually take it out if I'm going to sit down. I also make sure the pocket is empty.

    So far so good!
  13. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    @op i can understand why you put your phone in the back. the note is just too big for me. my friend has it and i used it to make a call and i just felt very silly with it.

    for me if a phone can't fit in my front pocket then it is too big.

    and i also take my phone out when i am going to be sitting. but i usually where baggy shorts so it still can be in my pocket comfortably.
  14. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Well-Known Member

  15. Tman5293

    Tman5293 Well-Known Member

    All of my phones have found their place in my right front pocket. I just could not think of putting it anywhere else. I never keep anything else in that pocket either. Phone only because I don't want anything else in there that my scratch the screen.
  16. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    I usually only see women carry their phones in back pockets as their front ones are next to nothing. Still considering getting a Note 2 but am just afraid that there's no way it'll fit in any of my pockets. My Gnex is already pushing it on some of my pants.
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  17. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Ok, so there was a particular word that was being used in this thread that got reported a few times. Even though I removed it, I would recommend people to please read the context of what is being said as well as the words being used. It wasn't an aimed insult (the OP was referring to what other people called him), so technically it wasn't against the rules. But, as I said, I removed it. I felt it would detract from the thread too much if left in.

    That said, I personally wear carpenter jeans all the time, so I keep my phone in my side right pocket and my front pockets keep pocket change, keys, etc.
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  18. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I keep my phone in my left side pocket of my pants, shorts, etc, always, it is a deep pocket and will never fall out. Jacket pockets are usually risky and could involve it falling out when you move.

    Back pockets are not the best idea either, from personal experience, my girlfriend has dropped her phone into the toilet like 4 times now, LOL, because she has it in her back pocket, i shouldn't need to explain the whole process of how though.

    Anyhow back pockets are badddd :)
  19. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Well don't do that silly. Drinking from the toilet is just icky lol. ;) :D

    I always carry mine in my purse.
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  20. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Well-Known Member

    Then I must presume you are left-handed. My phone is in my left front, ready to be used in my left hand, and my keys are in my right front, ready to turn the lock and make a fast getaway.
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  21. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    actually i just had this done:

    JK that is not me:D
  22. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    All that trouble for a dumb phone :rofl:
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  23. RazorSharp

    RazorSharp Well-Known Member

    This, 100%. Phone alone in right front pocket. Left has wallet, keys, sometimes headphones. Wayyy too paranoid to risk having my phone in my back pocket.
  24. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Well-Known Member

    Another southpaw...
  25. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    Just saw a girl in a store with those tight skinny jeans and an Iphone that didn't fit all the way down in her back pocket. What is the saying about temptation?

    I have a belt case that I use on side pocket. I don't own a belt.

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