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  1. ColtRocker

    ColtRocker Active Member

    Anyone found a case and holster for the Ultra that is not as expensive as Otterbox but still worth a sh:confused:?

  2. ColtRocker

    ColtRocker Active Member

    If anyone cares, apparently this is not a popular phone, after an extensive internet search, a trip to the mall, and finally to the Verizon store. The otterbox commuter won. Doesn't have a holster though but the case is amazing. My phone feels like a phone again. Just have to carry it in my pocket.
  3. rnlcomp

    rnlcomp Well-Known Member

    I've been using this since my last phone and it offers very good protection.

    Case & Holster for Droid ULTRA - Verizon Wireless

    Hard case but thin and very durable. Won't bulk the phone up like an otter box. Has saved both my old phone and my new one from impacts due to fumble fingers drop syndrome.

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