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  1. romeodakins

    romeodakins Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking of getting this phone and I'm looking for the best case that gives good protection from drops and is not super bulky like otterbox cases. Also, if you know any cases with kickstand besides those kraken cases. I also want to know good screen protectors.

    Also is 250 for a used lg nitro a good price?

  2. dustin4vn

    dustin4vn New Member

  3. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

  4. K-Rizzle

    K-Rizzle Well-Known Member

  5. jeff nitro

    jeff nitro New Member

    hi i'm jeff

    the best case for the lg nitro is the
    Ballistic [ check your carrier ]

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