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  1. GalaxyBrad

    GalaxyBrad Well-Known Member

    Hey guys.I have used a flip case on my samsung galaxy s plus.I liked it because it completely covers the phone so if I drop it the damage is reduced.I also liked the fact that the screen is always covered so it's not exposed to the sun.However that case makes it a bit too big to be kept in the pocket so I was wondering if I sould switch to a silicone/thick plastic case(I know that those do the best in protection).I also protect my screen with a screen protector.So what do you advise me to do?Will the LCD/Touch Screen suffer if I switch to a silicone case?Thanks.

  2. GalaxyBrad

    GalaxyBrad Well-Known Member

    I'm still waiting for opinions.
  3. palmickey

    palmickey Member

    Because I like to use the docking station, any case that does not allow the phone to easily slide in and out, won't work well for me.

    But I also need a case that holds the phone securely when in the case.

    I just ordered a leather case, that looks like it might work well.
    It does have a flip type cover on it, which I may or may not remove.

    One advantage of having a case made of Leather or Neoprene is that these are fabrics one can sew attachments onto, and alter in various ways.
    I may sew some sort of attachment that allows me to easily attach the case to my vest, in such a way that it remains attached when the phone is in use.
    The idea is that if dropped, it is stopped before it touches the ground.

    I considered making my own case.
    I looked for the type of fabric that I could cover the touchscreen with, that would transfer the touch to the screen, allow me to view the touchscreen, and be sewable.
    Not much luck there.

    I looked at some cases designed for joggers, but these do not transmit the touch through the clear fabric covering the viewing screen.
  4. Fandamonium

    Fandamonium Member

    Yeah, if you're making your own case, finding the right kind of material that will conduct through a touch screen is pretty tough. Maybe a Boxwave would work, but I'm not sure how it reacts to being sewed.
  5. GJade

    GJade Well-Known Member

    anyone know where I can purchase a thin flip case that's not bulky? It doesn't have to provide much protection because I never drop my phone. I just want something that I can cover my screen when I put it in my purse.
  6. Jenny2012

    Jenny2012 New Member

    i also like flip leather case for my Galaxy s3, it's not only used as a case, but also as the screen protector, i choose HOCO genuine leater case for my phone and ordered from Casesinthebox for a great price.

    Check here: HOCO genuine leather case for galaxy s3 i9300
  7. ggraceg

    ggraceg Active Member

    Here's a few I found that might be of your interest. The first two are from Samsung and the last one is from Spigen. Compare the prices too.

    Samsung Flip Cover Case for Galaxy S III (Chrome Blue) #EFC-1G6FBEC - Expansys USA

    Samsung OEM Flip Cover Marble Marble White - White / White

    SPIGEN SGP Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Ultra Flip Series [Blue]
  8. GJade

    GJade Well-Known Member

    ^ The Spigen white one is really pretty. Considering buying it. The Samsung Flip in Marble White is really nice too but it looks a bit too thin? Anyone own the samsung or spigen flip tell me how it is? thanks in advance ^_________^

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