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  1. MaxV

    MaxV Member

    Any silicon case for the micromax a87? suggest some

  2. jihu123

    jihu123 Member

    Try Samsung Galaxy S2's case if you can't find one. The phone has almost the same dimensions!
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  3. MaxV

    MaxV Member

    Will try one. but O think the curvy back of A87 may not fit in the flat S2
  4. MaxV

    MaxV Member

  5. hemanth

    hemanth Well-Known Member

    i to got the same case

    check images

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  6. droidvishnu

    droidvishnu Member

    how is the quality @hemanth
  7. jaimin100

    jaimin100 Well-Known Member

    @droidvishu bro its plastic material it cost me 80 bucks
  8. UvaisDroid

    UvaisDroid Well-Known Member

    Where ?:p
  9. hemanth

    hemanth Well-Known Member

    its bit good
    i got it for 120rs
  10. kanishk96

    kanishk96 New Member

    hahahhahaa, 350 Rupees? i got it for 60 rupees! :p
  11. deepaksuri82

    deepaksuri82 Member

    You will get the case in the gaffar market for just rs. 100.

    I bought one for me recently.
  12. deepaksuri82

    deepaksuri82 Member

    You will find case in the gaffar markets, New delhi for 100 Rupees.
    I bought one for me from there.


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