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Case for Lepan (on Amazon)Tips

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  1. Manute

    Manute Member

  2. fuzzmanks

    fuzzmanks New Member

    I got the Targus Truss Case/Stand (for the HP TouchPad) at Amazon for $18. It is kinda heavy, but solid. It fits my Le Pan 970 just right. The power and volume buttons are not covered by the frame.
  3. WhoCaresNotMe

    WhoCaresNotMe Member

    I got the Griffen Passport Folio case for the iPad 2 from Walmart. It was $19.95. It has the corner elastic bands, so the buttons are open. Of course, you have to remove it every time you need to reset this darn thing, which is often.
  4. icliff

    icliff New Member

    Targus THZ07202CA Leather case works PERFECTLY
  5. txrose72

    txrose72 Well-Known Member

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