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Case for my battery extender, but I'm AT&TTips

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  1. Hairdressermlp

    Hairdressermlp New Member

    Help!!! I'm looking for a battery extender case (like a otter box), but the ones that I have found online are for Verizon and mine is AT&T. The camera is in a different spot along with many differences. Have you seen any

  2. Garen21

    Garen21 Active Member

    this phone isnt available on verizon...
  3. mamapearl

    mamapearl New Member

    I am also looking for a cover/case for my ATT Samsung Infuse 4G with the extended battery...is there such a thing and why wd they make a battery extender with no way to protect your phone???
  4. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    I've heard of people modifying a cheap gel case to accomodate extended battery. Cut out a square hole with an exacto knife.

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