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  1. aldredd

    aldredd Well-Known Member

    Hi, just wonder what people are doing for cases?
    There doesnt seem to be, much out there yet, but was after something quite specific.

    Coolermaster are bringing out a new line of ipad cases, made from khaki coloured wool felt (well, synthetic!) but its almost exactly what I was after. Anyone seen anything like this for the sony?

  2. andr01d

    andr01d Well-Known Member

    wow that Coolermaster one is pretty fancy!!

    (I just use a Sony SGP-CK1 leather case or an STM DP-2147-01 case depending on where i'm going with it:))
  3. Zendaddy936

    Zendaddy936 Member

  4. davect01

    davect01 Active Member

  5. demonix

    demonix New Member

    I use the STM Skinny, you can get them from Ebags they ship to Canada if you call them. you can google ebags and view the STm Skinny for Sony Tablet.
  6. ericreinhardt

    ericreinhardt Well-Known Member

    Hey check out sony's website. I just got 2 leather cases for my wife and i for 9.97. The original price was 99.99. Originally when i called and ordered they said it was an error on the site. The next day they actually called me back to say that they were indeed 9.97. As i am writing this it is still on sale.

  7. andr01d

    andr01d Well-Known Member

    ^^wow that is an awesome price for the Sony case!!
  8. davect01

    davect01 Active Member

    So many choices.
  9. Zendaddy936

    Zendaddy936 Member

    I love my rooCase and will probably keep using it, but for a 90% savings, I just ordered one of the Sony Cases. I had been looking at these since I bought my Sony Tablet and just could not pull the trigger on it at $100.00.

    I thought the website had been hacked when I first saw it, but my receipt says $21.00 (Tax and shipping).

    Good deal.
  10. dinesh199

    dinesh199 Member

    I purchased Igaditz online. I also wanted to have roocase but no one was delivering to India. Igaditz cover is also very good.Tablet is very safe in that. But i dont know weight of other cases. After putting tablet in case total weight was 970gms
  11. jbenham

    jbenham Well-Known Member

    I have the RooCase Executive. It offers excellent protection for the tablet.
  12. TLwnbrg

    TLwnbrg New Member

    Awesome price, yes. Inference, not so good. Big clue that the S replacement won't have the same form factor.

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