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Case Logic (kindle case)Accessories

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  1. anthonygobot

    anthonygobot Well-Known Member

    I found this at Office Depot for like $7 recently and it all fits nice and snug. The case also fits nicely in my Lowepro camera bag! I really wish there was a silicone or hardcase for the NC. I tried the regular Nook cases and no luck.


  2. trankster

    trankster Well-Known Member

    The quest for the perfect case.... That Caselogic looks like a nice protective case. I found others on eBay including some silicon frames. My wife gave me the NC with the leather cover which I like, tho it seems a little heavy to hold and read. The industriell looks interesting too. Enjoy your NC.

    PS. I am looking for a camera case with a slot for my NC.

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