Case: Trident Cyclops vs Ballistic Tough Jacket?Tips

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    Hi everyone. Just ordered my "Verizon" G2 and need a heavy duty case. I noted "Verizon" becuse I didn't realize that they G2 was different between carriers till just a bit ago.

    Back to cases.. Though I loved my Otterbox Commuter on my Droid Razr Maxx, they don't make one for the Verizon G2, and the Maxx was a more sturdy phone build to start with. I do drop my phone often and want to protect it as best I can while still being able to get it in/out of my pocket. I have it narrowed to the Cyclops and the Tough Jacket. I didn't put in the Otterbox Defender b/c I hear about issues with the hard screen cover not working well and I've seen a few phones break in those cases. I've also heard the hard screen cover on the Cyclops can take away from the tactile feeling of the screen, but can remove that if need be. Seems like the corners of this phone are super delicate so i really want to protect them. Again, your thoughts/experiences welcome.


  2. hawk45

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    Ordered one of each.. I'll post a review when everything gets here.
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    Any thoughts?

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    I thought I posted a reply, sorry guys. Both cases are nice. I'm using the Trident because it is a bit slimmer.

    Cons of the Trident:
    Wish the back camera button area had a clear protective film and rubber over the buttons, like on the Ballistic.
    Wish it had at least a bit of grippy rubber on one side or the other to keep from sliding everywhere. It has nothing grippy on it that ever makes contact when on the back or face sides.

    Cons of the Ballistic
    No front cover, but not a big deal
    Little bulky on the corners, at least compared to the Trident

    Both are decent cases but neither are perfect. But I don't think there is one out there. The trident is probably the closest for the LG G2.
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