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case with credit card slotAccessories

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  1. billykent1972

    billykent1972 New Member

  2. mrjam3s

    mrjam3s Well-Known Member

    I would like one for the Moto Droid...
  3. Lozer_Kid

    Lozer_Kid Well-Known Member

    Hmm... I don't know if it's a good idea to carry your phone with your credit crads in its case...
  4. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    Lol, can you ask any louder to get just straight ROCKED in a busy place?? Think about it, it's a pickpocket's wet dream come reality.

    Bad. Frickin. Idea.
  5. JMac202

    JMac202 Well-Known Member

    Try picking my pocket when my phone is in my right front pocket. Not gonna happen.

    They make these for iPhones too.
  6. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire Developer

    Still doesn't justify the fact that it's a terrible idea.
  7. wodin6

    wodin6 Well-Known Member

    honestly, I kind of like the idea, but holding only two cards wouldn't work for me. I would want my license, 1 credit card, and my check card. I don't want to have only one form of payment in case there is an issue with the card.
  8. NCHornet

    NCHornet Well-Known Member

    There are several on Ebay, they have a slot for CC and a SD card.
  9. revtime

    revtime Well-Known Member

    I carry my Hero in a case logic camera case in my front pocket. The case has a zippered pocket that I sometimes carry cash and or a CC. It probably would be a bad idea in a big city like New York or Chicago when walking down the street. I am a hillbilly that lives in the sticks outside Kansas City and anybody that gets close enough to me to pick my pocket that I dont know is gonna get punched out anyway. :D
  10. dominicanyor

    dominicanyor Well-Known Member

    I agree with nyc is not a good idea at all,If your phone gets lost your carsd and your licenese gets lost to. If that happens you will be one mad:mad: person.
  11. Timanator

    Timanator Well-Known Member

    Pretty terrible idea imo, Dont see a big demand for something like this.
  12. billykent1972

    billykent1972 New Member

    thanks for all the responses, I mainly want it just for my drivers license and credit card when I'm biking, so I don't have to carry so much in my camel back.

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