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  1. pfs78

    pfs78 Active Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I am looking for a case that I can use with or without the dock attached. Alot of the cases I looked at do one or the other. If I dont want the dock, I would like that part of the case to be detachable so I am not having to carry the dock case around with him.

    Anyone see anything like that



  2. pfs78

    pfs78 Active Member

  3. phuljum

    phuljum Member

    I bought the Poetic case and after trying it for a few days abandoned using the case with the dock. I remove the tablet from the case to use with the dock now. Why? because the tab and dock are crafted to fit together "seamlessly", and the Poetic case (and other equal cases under other names (eg, mini-suit) tries to fit too much leather between the tab and dock at the hinge, forcing them apart in a way that stressed my dock's hinge. I think it cracked a screw or something like that near the hinge of the dock. It still functions, but creaks - continued use of the case would probably have broken it outright.

    I'm looking for another case now. Someone may come out with one made of super-thin and super-strong material. Or something like this:
  4. dervari

    dervari Well-Known Member

    Check out the Caseen Perfecto case.

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