1. unsound8

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    is there a case with a screen protector already on it like the otterbox with the iphone..... if not what kind of case should i get

  2. CrimsonPride

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  3. unsound8

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    ok cool thanks
  4. TripsYou

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    Check my profile for some HD pictures of a few other cases.
  5. WirelessMike

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    I have the Amzer Luxe case and the Otterbox Commuter for the Captivate and they are both pretty good cases.


    The Amzer Luxe is probably the better of the 2, but they don't make a nice, simple, solid color or just a plain clear. Their only really great case for the Captivate has argyle print on it. Obviously I bought it anyway and it fits perfectly, isn't a dust and lint magnet like typical cheap silicone cases, and even covers the side buttons. I REALLY like this case but found it hard to get past the cheesy argyle print.

    The Otterbox Commuter is a 2-piece case that does come with a screen protector, but it's a typical decal-style protector not attached to any part of the case. The case is a light, flimsy black silicone (the cheap kind that attracts dust and lint) covered by a hard plastic shell. This case is a very attractive, simple black case with a very tasteful design. The black silicone "padding" is exposed on the top, bottom and just along the sides of front screen. The top and bottom pull away easily, but do their job (the hard plastic cover keeps everything in place snug). There is a headset jack "plug" on the top that can cause the exposed part of the top of the case to flip up awkwardly when you take it out of your pocket. Otherwise, this is an excellent case.

    Overall, I definitely prefer the Amzer Luxe, but the Otterbox Commuter is almost as nice and doesn't make the phone look like a toy.

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