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  1. jreink01

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    Based on on a review from people in these forums, I purchased the Qcell Sprint HTC Evo 3D 3850mAh Extended battery. Even though I have only had this for a few days. It appears to carry much more charge and last alot longer. With this extended battery and the back case, I can no longer use the stock case now. Since there is no front case that came with the extended battery and back case, does anyone know of a full (front and back) case that will work with this battery and/or case. The reason I am asking is because without the front case, the screen protector is starting to peel on one of the sides, must be getting snagged somehow. Thanks for any and all feedback.

  2. jreink01

    jreink01 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone offer any feedback. Thanks

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