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  1. bdjaddy

    bdjaddy Active Member

    Are there any, in this fine crowd, that can suggest a good (not cheap) rubber case for my new Titanium GS2

    Thank you.

  2. systemofadown

    systemofadown Well-Known Member

    I use the Body Glove "Drop Suit" ... I found this to be the perfect case. Not too bulky like an otterbox, not cheaply made like some you just regret buying after 5 min's use.
  3. bdjaddy

    bdjaddy Active Member

    Thanks SoaD. I'll look it up

    Serj rules!
  4. systemofadown

    systemofadown Well-Known Member

    No problem Sir, I happened across it at Walmart of all places... its labled as the Sprint modle be sure that's the model your looking for to avoid a headache :) ....Edit.... sadly I can't find this case online with the few searches I did.. I have seen them still offered at Walmart on the shelves..
  5. DaddyZap

    DaddyZap Well-Known Member


    FLAWLESSVW Well-Known Member

    I was at my local WalMart today and they had this case (Body Glove Drop Suit - Sprint SGS2).

    I agree that you can't find this thing searching online but wanted to let anyone interested know that there may be a few stragglers out there in your local WM.
  7. SyntaxError

    SyntaxError Member

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  8. primo7808

    primo7808 Active Member

    I second the otterbox. Definitely the way to go
  9. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    I feel torn on getting a case. I have liked the Otterbox for past phones. However, I do like that this phone slips in one's pocket so nicely.

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  10. systemofadown

    systemofadown Well-Known Member

    otterbox kills the slim size, that's for sure - so does my suggestion... its funny, they make these tiny, slim, fragile device's just so we can be overprotective parents & Up Armor them to the Maxx turning them into bulky tanks that can survive falls we couldn't lol
  11. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    Yeah unlike the old Nextel I used to have for work. that little DOD compliant phone just didn't even care if it was dropped. I could throw it across the room into a wall (and have on occasion), and it still worked fine LOL

    FLAWLESSVW Well-Known Member

    I'm with CG and system...
    I keep a full skin on it (Best Skins Ever, just like Zagg/Invisible Sheild) to protect from scratches. I bought the Body Glove case from WalMart. It is sweet but I still rock it 99% of the time naked (aside from the skin).

    I work in an office. Worst case scenario, it falls 1.5 feet onto carpet. If we're doing some outdoor stuff I slip the Body Glove case on but it's just so nice in its birthday suit. Just don't see a need to make the phone 2 inches bigger in every direction!
  13. scrubbybubbles

    scrubbybubbles New Member

    I agree! I have the Body Glove Drop suit as well... It IS big... but... Worth it! :D


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    ACOMMONSOUL New Member

    The otterbox commuter is a lot slimmer than the defender and still provides plenty of protection. It also allows it to fit nicely in your pocket without being a pain to take out.
  15. systemofadown

    systemofadown Well-Known Member

    [​IMG][/IMG] I'll try & upload the DropSuit, its a bit smaller than the one shown (I think there are a couple models).[​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. greg schmeg

    greg schmeg Guest

    Otter box... for sure. I think mine is the commuter.
  17. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

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  18. Mechman02

    Mechman02 Well-Known Member

    I bought this one (link) and have been nothing but happy with it. Less than 4 bucks total.
  19. greg schmeg

    greg schmeg Guest

    damn. 4 bucks? My otter box costed me like 35
  20. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    Well I would say the Otter Box is worth it though. I had one on the Blackberry I used to have. The case took a beating falling off of ladder heights onto the concrete etc, and the phone still looked like new when I gave it to my friend.
  21. shezzy

    shezzy Well-Known Member

    Can you fit a normal headphone jack into this? I've had a case before where I couldn't use a normal 3.5mm headphone with the case on...sucked..
  22. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    Bluetooth!!!!! :)
  23. shezzy

    shezzy Well-Known Member

    still wanna know if it works with normal headphone jack..not looking to kill battery anymore w bluetooth and dont own bt headphones anyway
  24. dthomas510

    dthomas510 Active Member

    I have one on mine and have no problem with the headphone jack. The piece that covers it is plenty big, probably about 1/2 wide
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  25. greg schmeg

    greg schmeg Guest

    The otterbox allows for headphone jack. Theres also a rubber piece that covers the recepticle when not in use.

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