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  1. wsjudd

    wsjudd New Member

    Hey folks. I ran across a website were they were selling Kindle Fire cases for $9.99, so I thought I might share it. They are branded SD Tabletwear and there are five different ones. Does anyone have experience with this brand or the site?

    Kindle Fire Cases ::

    SD Tabletwear Basic (Red, Purple)
    SD Tabletwear Smart Case (White, Red, Purple)
    SD Tabletwear LuxFolio Horizontal (White, Red, Black, Purple)
    SD Tabletwear LuxFolio Vertical (Red)
    SD Tabletwear Stand and Type (Black)

  2. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Well-Known Member

    I strictly use amazon. Plus if you just activated your kf, you get a free month of prime to go along with it.

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