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  1. jds4000

    jds4000 Well-Known Member

    I'm eagerly awaiting cases from Case Mate or Otterbox for the T Mobile variant of the GS II. In the meantime, can anyone recommend a good TPU case or some other very good alternative? I bought a white hard case from T Mobile because it was their only offering. Thanks.

  2. LunchBB

    LunchBB Well-Known Member

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  3. jds4000

    jds4000 Well-Known Member

    Where did you purchase the item and what is the name of the product? Any issues with the volume rocker and power button after installation, or are there cutouts for these two buttons? Thanks

    GAMERIG Active Member


    i purchased it from the local T-Mobile store.. :)

    GAMERIG Active Member

    Dude, Yeah I saw it at mall yesterday.. its neat.. I will get this later..
  6. JDMasFCK

    JDMasFCK Active Member

    I have the same one, works great :D
  7. MMakoto

    MMakoto Member

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  8. LunchBB

    LunchBB Well-Known Member

    The case is like... kinda soft. However, if I rub it for a while, the case become hard. =)

    Just kidding. This is the one I bought from
    Argyle Smoke TPU Crystal Silicone Case Cover For T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 | eBay

    They are in California. So I received it in 1 day. Great service and price cheap. They also allow will call pickup. Anyway, they replied email quickly and this little case is great protection to the phone.

    It doesn't add bulk to the phone. It makes it easy to hold, won't slide.. and good protection too.
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    GAMERIG Active Member

    You can find Argyle Crystal Case from vendors in mall..

    GAMERIG Active Member

    Yeah I fell in love it... :p
  11. nodrogkam

    nodrogkam Well-Known Member

    I just ordered the TPU case. =)

    EDIT: got my case and love it. The volume keys are difficult to press, but the power/lock key is good. Overall it has reduced accidental pressing of the buttons and it's a well built case - especially for the price. I feel the cutouts on my TPU case are a bit off - skewed to the left - but it doesn't really affect the look and doesn't affect the functionality of the device.

    I also hopped on the D30 free case special, so I'll report back on how those are.
  12. jds4000

    jds4000 Well-Known Member

    Thanks to all. I found, and ordered the TPU case on eBay from the California vendor.
  13. MMakoto

    MMakoto Member

    I'm still waiting for tpu-cases to come out with their version, for like $10 with a screen protector too, and the other variants have great reviews on these cases as well.
  14. Jimbo droid

    Jimbo droid Well-Known Member

    There seems to be a bunch on ebay and amazon. Got a cheapy i like the silicone covers the best there more shock absorbent.
  15. jds4000

    jds4000 Well-Known Member

    There are scores of cases on eBay. I purchases the above TPU Argyle skin and it works fine. I also ordered a solid black TPU skin which I am sure will be fine. STILL WAITING ON AN OTTERBOX COMMUTER CASE or a CASE MATE TOUGH CASE to be released. The latter cases are the BEST BY FAR on ANY phone.
  16. oscarod

    oscarod Member

    new here, but when searching for Epic 4G TOuch cases, I came across some cases for the hercules for my wife: CIMO (TM) Gloss Soft Shell TPU Case for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II, Hercules - White: Cell Phones & Accessories CIMO (TM) Gloss Soft Shell TPU Case for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II, Hercules - Black: Cell Phones & Accessories

    I bought the Epic 4G Versions of this case and I only have good things to say about it. It is a great fit, adds grip and is slick looking. I assume the T-mobile version will be the same.
  17. dzine808

    dzine808 New Member

    I contacted Otterbox about the case since I was on the same boat as you...unfortunately, NO LOVE for the T-Mobile version...only International and ATT versions will be made. I ended up with a D30 case from T-Mobile. Nice and snug fit!
  18. ciaka

    ciaka New Member

    I am looking for a case that doubles as a wallet (do not like carrying both). So if anyone sees one, let us know. So far I found a couple on ebay, but they are from Korea (far away). Thanks.
  19. Sunmellie

    Sunmellie New Member

    I have just an invisibleSHIELD on mine and have been very happy with it, but I paid so much for this phone that I'm now paranoid about it dropping and breaking. Thanks so much for the links! I will definitely check these out. Heck for $3-$5 each I might try em all.
  20. Zenophobe

    Zenophobe Member

    I also got the D3o from Tmobile.. I have an extra one in gray if anyone is interested
  21. 3videnc3

    3videnc3 Member

    Im looking for a anti glare/grease screen. Anyone know where I could find one?
  22. Jimbo droid

    Jimbo droid Well-Known Member

    Got a d30 on the way looks ok was reasonable 10 bucks
  23. nodrogkam

    nodrogkam Well-Known Member

  24. John Jason

    John Jason Well-Known Member

    I bought one of these on eBay and it arrived quickly, in spite of the fact that it came from China:

    When it arrived, sure enough, it was too narrow for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 (SGH-T989). But I really liked it because I can keep a transit pass and a few other frequently used items in it. Underneath the credit card slots there is also a pocket for paper money. And there is a hard plastic part that the phone snaps into, although the SGH-T989 is too wide for it.

    I asked the seller if they had one for the SGH-T989, but they responded that they did not. So I took one of my table knives that has a finely serrated edge and used it like a saw to cut the hard plastic part in the middle from the top to the bottom.Then I carefully pried the left side off the hard plastic part off the fake leather covering and re-Then glued it back on about 3/16 of an inch to the left. And then I took my Dremel tool to make new holes for the power button and volume buttons. It now fits my SGH-T989. The fit is not perfect, but it works well enough. The phone covers the cut so you can't tell that I hacked it up unless you inspect it really closely.
  25. John Jason

    John Jason Well-Known Member

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