Cases for HTC Cha ChaGeneral

  1. SK111

    SK111 Member

    My cousin is planning on buying one. Don't know why tbh but well her choice.

    She is looking for cases for that and recently I have googled it and there are not many out there. I am a big fun of Case-Mate Cases I have Barely There, Gelli and POP myself and love them (for different phone obviously).

    Case-Mate will be doing some as they say here Case-Mate - Blog - Case-Mate Cases for HTC ChaCha, HTC Desire S and HTC Incredible S soon in Europe!

    any other brand that does nice, good quality cases for that?

  2. Jenibobar

    Jenibobar New Member

    I got my case from the Vodafone shop but they also do cases at Carphone Warehouse.

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