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    GRIMREAPER New Member

    Is there such a thing? I want to keep my Epic protected but have had no luck finding one.

  2. marcs

    marcs Member

    I wished they made a dock that also works for an extended battery.
    Either way it would be hard to make a case or dock for all the other extended battery doors in the market.
  3. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    The Seidio 1600mAH battery fits in the stock door so any normal case would fit it.

    GRIMREAPER New Member

    Thanks, thins is I already bought the phone withthe extended battery. Maybe I'll just go back to the regular battery and keep a spare. Thanks.
  5. Robbzilla

    Robbzilla Member

    I actually use the old case from my Axim X30. :)
  6. jer2911tx

    jer2911tx New Member

    i can't believe nobody has found a case to fit the extended battery. ugh, after dealing with dead battery issues with the palm pre, i really wanted to go with an extended battery for the epic. but definitely need the case.
    please post if you find a case that fits the extended battery back!
  7. Pixoid

    Pixoid New Member

    I just spent a few hours looking for a case. The market seems to be cornered by this vendor on ebay for $20.

    I want to continue to have protection. It is only in black, and seems to have a few caveats, but it was the only one I could find, so I ordered it. I'll let u know how it is when it comes.
  8. ijeggert

    ijeggert Well-Known Member

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