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  1. lpnalda

    lpnalda Well-Known Member

    I have a little elite holster case, which I think was designed for a blackberry, which I've been using, but I'm noticing that it will take the screen out of lock if I'm not careful holstering. Being the Intercept has a glass screen, I'm worried about scratching. So I just want to know what your favorites are. The Otterbox defender cases really look rugged, but I don't know if they make one for the intercept. I know I can't just put the intercept in my pocket, that's just begging for the glass screen to get scratched. Maybe I just need a screen protecter, but shock protection might be nice too.

  2. bigbubba

    bigbubba Well-Known Member

    Businesses do not put glass protectors on their windows, you phone screen is made from the same glass, It would take a lot of abuse to scratch it
  3. lpnalda

    lpnalda Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but keys and coins seem like they could do damage, and then their is the question of drop protection?
  4. stef7

    stef7 Well-Known Member

    I purchased something low-tech and inexpensive off eBay, i think originally for the SCH-i760, but it worked fine for the M910. Here is a listing for the M910. I think they are similar if not identical.
    Leather Case Pouch For Samsung Intercept SPH-M910 | eBay

    Then I purchased some inexpensive screen protectors specifically for the M910 off eBay. Get more than 1, because you'll find putting them on to be something you need a bit of practice with.

    I find I'm not using the leather pouch much these days. I'm just putting the phone in my pocket (without coins or keys of course).

    No issues thus far.
  5. Darkseas

    Darkseas Well-Known Member

    I'm using a horizontal belt case similar to the one that Stef7 provided a link for. It's efficient, but looks somewhat dorky attached to your belt. I also got a vertical belt case, but it's really a bit too tight and taking the phone out tends to press buttons accidentally.

    I've found that the Intercept will turn itself off in your pocket if you're wearing something like moderately tight jeans, which is why I got a case. I've also found it not to be a problem in looser pockets if there are no keys or coins in them.

    I've gotten about 3 months from a screen protector so far.

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