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  1. elemteacher2be

    elemteacher2be Well-Known Member

    My boyfriend just bought the Galaxy S 4G and... after dropping it, sans any case, on the rug... we know we have to get him a case.

    We're thinking silicone or gel - but not sure what is the best.


  2. Ftferret

    Ftferret New Member

    I've used otterbox before (iphone 3gs and currently motorola.attic) and have loved them. I bought my gf one for around 25 to 30 for the samsung galaxy 4g and she liked it. It is a silicon gel on the phone held on by a hard backing. I actually ran over my iphone while it was in the otter box and it still worked perfectly, just a crack in the glass. The lcd screen was fine. The.otter box for the samsung isn't as heavy duty as it is for the M Atrix though.

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