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  1. ckcgnfshn

    ckcgnfshn Member

    What cases are you using for your transformer? Hard or soft?

  2. rfortson

    rfortson Well-Known Member

    I just bought my Transformer yesterday, along with the dock. I found the Asus sleeve for the pad, and an Asus case for the pad and dock. I've seen complaints about the sleeve, and it is thin. But it has some rigid pieces in the front that add a little protection for the screen and it will flip back to make a reading stand. The case is like a typical laptop case, but for a 10" laptop.

    I didn't search much for cases after I found the OEM cases. They get the job done, though I'm sure there are plenty of others that work just as well or better.
  3. ziffos

    ziffos Well-Known Member

    When my Transformer is "with its dock" I do not use any case but when "its on its own" I use the stunning Yoobao Executive Case - I also have a Blurex Case and a Silicone Skin both of which I use from time to time to give me a change.

    Take a look at the Yoobao Executive Case as it really is a beauty - stunning high quality leather, lovely stitching and smells wonderful.
  4. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    I'm using a leather folio case, which I find very comfortable. I didn't get the dock, so that's not been a issue.
  5. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    The keyboard dock is my case.
  6. ianargent

    ianargent Member

    The Minisuit rotating folding folio case, which appears to have been discontinued, based on their site
  7. Cybergooch

    Cybergooch Member

  8. dierna

    dierna Well-Known Member

    I have a roocase. Love it.
  9. bigdog4all

    bigdog4all Member

    I use the VIPERTEK Multi-Angle Leather Folio Case Cover for Asus Eee Pad Transformer 10.1-Inch TF101 Android Tablet Wi-Fi (Black).

    From Amazon....It's streamline and looks damn good. Very nice. Very professional.
  10. kcarter3

    kcarter3 Active Member

    minisuit case and leather skin

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  11. flammenwurfer

    flammenwurfer Well-Known Member

    I got mine on ebay for $11.50, but it appears identical to this Handheld Items case. It's fake leather but is well made and looks very nice. Might be the perfect case for me at least. I love that it rotates so I can prop it up in portrait or landscape. All without being bulky. I highly recommend it. For $11.50 you don't have much to lose either.

    Edit: Also, the rotating ability allows you to easily rotate the tablet to allow you to charge while it's in the case and closed.
  12. kcarter3

    kcarter3 Active Member

    yeah thats the one i have...i love it. got same type for my sons galaxy tab 7. good case
  13. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

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