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  1. tweetygrrl

    tweetygrrl New Member

    I flashed Mik's new ROM, the Supersonic 3D, Sense 3.5 last night, all was working fine, til just a bit ago when I tried to send a text and got the code Cause Code: 34, Error Class: 2. I have wiped cache and dalvik cache, rebooted. Not sure what started this or what the problem is, I am a noob :) Help please??

  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    try and do a full wipe again and re-flash your rom and see if that works.
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  3. tweetygrrl

    tweetygrrl New Member

    I did that and all is working fine now. Thanks for the help! You are a life saver.
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  4. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    no worries glad it worked for you.
  5. davo83

    davo83 Member

    Well, after a full wipe and re-flashing Mik's new rom, the SMS issues have persisted. After doing a little research, I have found that I can send texts under 160 characters- anything over 160 I get "Cause Code: 34, Error Class: 2" and the message won't go through.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a frequent lurking noob? :) I've tried wiping dalvik/cache along with giving handscent a try without any luck.
    Thanks for any help I can get.
  6. Team420

    Team420 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like u need to download an mms splitter app.... Basicly, if you try to send a text over 160 char, it will split it into multiple 160 char msg's.... I personally havent needed it for any of the roms I've used, but it may help ya...

    Maybe let the dev's know that they need to bake it in next time as well....
  7. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    what app are you using for sms? i use go sms pro and it is pretty sweet. it will send multiple sms if it is to long.
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  8. RooteytootyEvo

    RooteytootyEvo Active Member

    I can tell you right now that you Rom is causing all of this. I have used three different roms, i have wiped and re wiped so many times that my phone has hemroids. I am re rooted with no rom what so ever, and have had no issues yet, i will flash one tonight and see if i get it again. I am on a brand new phone also. I noticed that Juice Defender was causeing this issue also, when i uninstalled it happened less. I also was getting th 64-2 one too. I have also read about a sms cap that sprint put on your account and if you call them they can lift it, in my experience this is the farthest thing from the truth as i have called them three days in a row the first time and they had no idea what i was talking about.
    Oh and it was the Mik Rom 2.55 that was the first Rom that this started, does not happen with Evolved Recharged though um 3.0 sense i believe.
  9. JtKc

    JtKc New Member

    i know this is an old thread but thought id ask it here rather than start a new one.

    i have a sprint htc EVO 4G, and i have Sprint's AIR RAVE signal booster, device.

    i am constantly getting this message, along with a couple other messages. this normally happens when im at home using the booster's signal or reception. it doesnt matter the size, small or large text or SMS message. i dont know what to do, a sprint tech use to have me change some number in the profile or somewhere in the system account settings.

    ANY info is greatly appreciated and im a noob to smart phones
  10. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Welcome to the forums!
    Are you rooted? Have you tried another messaging app like GoSMSpro?

    And does it happen only when using the AIRRAVE?
  11. mikem0269

    mikem0269 Well-Known Member

    This is a known problem with the airave. If you google the problem or call sprint they will tell you they are working on solving the problem. What they wont tell you is they have been working on it for 2 years.
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