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[CDMA] evo 3d s-on, htcdev unlocked hboot 1.5 roms?

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  1. flacraker

    flacraker Well-Known Member

    Ok so I've been unlocked, and have been trying to flash some ROMs, I'm on the team win stock shooter... Now everyone I try any Rom it sits on the white HTC screen after rebooting... I've noticed its usually takes a while for the kernel part to install, nothing fails every things says flashed... I have used 4ext and tried with teamwins 2.1 recovery to install, any ideas, or am I doing something wrong... Or in the wrong order, I wipe all and do a fact reset... Or super wipe...

  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Are you using fastboot? Are you leaving the cable in the whole time?
  3. flacraker

    flacraker Well-Known Member

    At first I was not using fastboot, and I believe the only ROM that I got to flash was an older mean ROM, then went back to the stock shooter... I was always using the old school teamwin recovery, then found the Goo.manager, and onto 4ext, after the other day that I did try using fastboot with my comp, I couldn't figure out the right comands... every ROM would install and not make past the home screen it would show up then quickly reboot, I would let it do its thing but after 15min or so I would just flash my recovery.. so today I tried with the updated version of the team win recovery but still no luck... So I went back to the 4ext recovery and tried a couple of new ROMs I downloaded, the SOS ics and SOS no sence, both made it to home lock screen the reboot fun again... So I tried ZR3D gt and did the same thing, so I decided to give it another wipe and it worked, this ROM is sweet, the only thing I see going on during the installs are the kernels take forever and seem to just hang there... I talking about 25min or more, on every ROM I try... But ZR3D gt seemed to work for now...
  4. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    All the commands are in my guide: http://androidforums.com/evo-3d-all...ms-kernels-using-fastboot-updated-4-29-a.html

    I would suggest that you take your time and re-do all the steps in that guide 1-for-1, except Step 4, as you're already unlocked. Take your time, do it right. Once you get the hang of that, then substitute other ROMs. Because it's not the ROMs that are the problem, it's the way you're flashing them, I bet.
  5. Lyvewire

    Lyvewire Well-Known Member

    I was having the same issue your having trying to flash VirginMik Rom, Newts One S Rom based off the LTE phone dropping soon, and ViperRom IC3D. I learned when your flashing these newer ICS ROMS, (I was only able to use Mean Rom as well), the Recoverys are not able to flash "custom kernels" needed for these ICS Roms. So this is what I ended up doing. Everywhere I looked I kept reading the Flash Image GUI is the answer to flash Kernel without using recovery. My issue was I couldnt make it past the boot screen to flash anything. So this is what I did to flash the roms I listed. Dont know about the others but this is what worked.

    Find AnthraX-htcleak-rls1.zip and put it in the root of your SD card.

    Get 4EXT Recovery Control, (free version works. I heard. But I wanted to make sure I had the "Smart Flash" option for phones that have S-On)

    Download Flash Image GUI

    Make sure you have the ROM of choice on your SD card of course. If your using Mean Rom and its stable it may be a good idea to start from that ROM. Also backup your Flash Image GUI and 4EXT Recovery Control to your Titanium Backup.

    Open your 4EXT Recovery application. It will ask for you to update and such to install the recovery on your phone. Once its installed. Try going to Recovery just to make sure its installed on phone. If it is, you should be ready to move forward.

    Wipe the usual (data, cache, dalvik cache). They have an option to wipe everything but card using this recovery. Go to tools and make sure "Smart Flash" is enabled. Flash your ROM of choice. After you flash your rom. Use the "wipe Cache+Dalvik Cache" wipe. Then flash Chads Anthrax AnthraX-htcleak-rls1.zip Kernel. (The reason your flashing this is to be able to get past the Boot Screens on these ICS roms).

    Once you make it past boot screen and log in to your Google Play account. 1st thing you should do is Install is the Flash Image GUI app. Use this

    How to Install Kernel/ROM without Fastboot on HTC Evo 3D HBOOT 1.50 Using Flash Image GUI App! - YouTube

    if your not sure how to use this app. Once you flash the correct kernel this app will be extracted from your current ROM being used and your ROM should be stable after you reboot. The Anthrax Kernel seemed to make my phone reboot randomly on certain ROMs after a while. However it helps me get past the boot screens. I've also tried this Anthrax_ICS-RLS5.zip but didnt really see a difference. I dont believe they are made for the ROMS I named but do what they need to get past boot screen.

    Again..This is what worked for ME so I wanted to share. Not liable for any bricking and etc. I was going nuts for about 2 weeks before I figured this out. Life was much easier on Boot 1.4 before I had to get another and ended up with Hboot 1.5. However these 2 apps brought me back to what it was like flashing ROMS without fastboot. Even slowed down my decision to wanting to get the New LTE...

    Hope this helps you
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  6. toomuchgame441

    toomuchgame441 Well-Known Member

    I tried this and it booted, but after trying to use the flash app to flash the kernel, I'd install the rom again but would be caught in a boot loop, any suggestions?
  7. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    After you use flashGUI, you shouldn't need to flash the ROM again. It actually just puts the improperly flashed kernel back over the properly flashed one.
  8. toomuchgame441

    toomuchgame441 Well-Known Member

    So after I flash the kernel the rom is suppose work with, just do a standard reboot and all should be well?
  9. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Yes. Flash ROM > use FlashGUI > reboot, then all is good, or should be.
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  10. toomuchgame441

    toomuchgame441 Well-Known Member

    So I just use the Kernal Lyvewire mentioned and flashed the Rom, then Kernal and the Mean ICS ROM is working nicely, super smooth, I don't crave the LTEvo as much, feels like a whole new phone, so glad I found this thread, thank you all!

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