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[CDMA] help please can't unlock boost moto g 4.4.2 bootloader

  1. motogk83

    motogk83 New Member

    I'm using windows 7 I have the boost moto g with 4.4.2 I've literally tried everything from every forum on the web and no matter what I do th e phone shows offline in cmd prompt also there's never a box pop up on the phone asking to always trust the PC....I'm doing everything as I'm suppose to been at it for days now please please help

  2. kate

    kate Dreaming of Bugdroid. Guide

    Hi motogk83, welcome to the site!

    I moved your thread to the Moto G All Things Root forum which is dedicated to discussions about unlocking/rooting/ROMs for the Moto G phone :)
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  3. Dslack420

    Dslack420 Well-Known Member

    Have u enabled the developer options?? U have to go into the settings/ about phone and repeatedly tap the build num until the developer options show up in the settings menu
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  4. mel4787

    mel4787 Well-Known Member

    better question is which carrier did you buy the phone from? boost you can unlock. any other carrier like at&t and verizon you cannot unlock
  5. motogk83

    motogk83 New Member

    Yes I've done all of that and it is boost mobile
  6. SuperR

    SuperR Well-Known Member Developer

    Try unlocking using Linux. Download a live disk of your choice (I use Ubuntu), burn it to a blank DVD, boot your pc to the disk, and follow the unlocking instructions. You may need to add "sudo" before the fastboot command. I bet it works ;)
  7. Odin89

    Odin89 Well-Known Member

    I used Slitaz live cd :) went smoothly
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  8. SuperR

    SuperR Well-Known Member Developer

    Oh, actually that is a good point. You would need to install fastboot and adb if you use just any live Linux distro. You can use this one which is based on Slitaz but has adb and fastboot already installed. It is also a very small download (52MB).

    edit: just don't run the script that installs CWM because it is made for a different device. The terminal is all you will need and it is a black icon at the bottom left of the home screen ;)
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  9. motogk83

    motogk83 New Member

    I can't burn a disc. Any way of just downloading some kinda program to laptop and installing and then running them?
  10. mvaness

    mvaness Well-Known Member

    Can you boot from a usb drive? If so, use UNetbootin to create a bootable flash drive...

    UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads
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  11. snappwrench

    snappwrench Well-Known Member

    Just throwing this out there but when you enabled developer tools, did you turn on USB debugging? That was something I forgot at first when unlocking my moto g. Also unlocked using Win 7.
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  12. Seraph08

    Seraph08 Well-Known Member Developer

    This was exactly going to be my advice, you couldn't have done it better. Should have just thrown in

    sudo apt-get install phablet-tools

    then fastboot, he'd be all set.
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  13. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Well-Known Member Developer

    Lol damn Seraph, you never cease to amaze, just perfect "right therr" lmao!! :p
  14. tjonline1991

    tjonline1991 Active Member

    So has anyone found a simple fix to this? I can't unlock my boost moto g no matter which browser I use. Yes I've followed every direction, No I dont have spaces in between my codes. Its still doesnt work. Is there any other way? And no im not familiar with linux at all. Ive tried almost everything. HELLLLLPPPP!!
  15. Seraph08

    Seraph08 Well-Known Member Developer


    While the phone is in fastboot.

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  16. amarc78

    amarc78 Well-Known Member

    I unlocked mine on Windows 7 and I only had trouble before I had the phone activated. It kept telling me the bootloader could not be unlocked and first try after activating it worked no problem. As long as adb and fastboot are installed right and USB debugging is on, it should work.
  17. amarc78

    amarc78 Well-Known Member

    I'm curious to know if anyone is still having issues unlocking the bootloader. I just did a second moto g and had no problem except for when I forgot to click the check box agreeing to the stipulations of unlocking. If you don't scroll down past the code input box and check the box, it will tell you it can't be unlocked. This is the only way I can see anyone having trouble with this.
  18. rootinghaven

    rootinghaven Well-Known Member

    No issues at all if u trying to unlock the bootloader go straight to request key don't ask to be verify to unlock bootloader
  19. AndroidJD

    AndroidJD Well-Known Member

    Does anybody know if you can unlock the bootloader now on the Moto G from Cricket? I know Cricket is part of AT&T so maybe not same goes for Verizon right. Only GSM not CDMA...sucks:(
  20. rootinghaven

    rootinghaven Well-Known Member

    Same way ask request key
  21. AndroidJD

    AndroidJD Well-Known Member

  22. rootinghaven

    rootinghaven Well-Known Member

    When u see the string line on top look towards the bottom u see request key
  23. Seraph08

    Seraph08 Well-Known Member Developer

  24. rootinghaven

    rootinghaven Well-Known Member

  25. rootinghaven

    rootinghaven Well-Known Member

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