[CDMA] HTC Evo 3D Stuck on 1x Please Help!! Details inside!

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  1. htcjunkie317

    htcjunkie317 Member

    Ok I have a Evo 3D flashed to boost. I did it myself. Heres exactly how I flashed it:

    1. Activated Incognito Donor and let the prl update.
    2. Heres where Im kind of confused. I'm using CDMA Workshop 3.8.3 and qpst and qxdm. I read the nv items. I was told it should take a little while to read them. Mine dont. Takes like 10 seconds to read 465, and 466 and 1 second for 1192,1194. For my range I put 465-1194. Is that what I'm doing wrong? When I read 465-465 it reads very fast. Lastly if I read 465- the numbers already there which is 65535 it gets t0 %76 and says phones does not answer. Does it everytime even when I restart the incognito a million times.
    3. I read Nams 1 and 2.
    4. Read meid and obtained the SPC Code.
    5. I studied profiles 0 and 1 tot he T.
    6. Obtained the aa and aaa keys. for profile 1 is the aaa keys 12 digits or 6. That also confused me in the guide.

    1. **Repaired MEID**
    2. Wrote NV Items 465,466,1192,1194. I wrote the NV items that took 15 seconds.
    3. Wrote SPC code
    4. I didnt write the nam files i just did the ##786# reset then wrote the spc code again and restarted phone and let it activate then canceled the PRL update.
    5. Wrote the aa and aaa keys to profiles 0 and 1.
    6. fully activated and stuck on 1x data speeds. Im on a stock rom (but even on a 4g evo rooted even tried multiple roms im still on 1x.)

    Ive tried some methods such as change the proxy ip to then http proxy port to 0. Didnt help at all.

    Also tried going into EVDO and changing it from Automatic to CDMA Only. Still on 1x.


  2. Corpse11

    Corpse11 Well-Known Member

    Go to the Root Forum
  3. htcjunkie317

    htcjunkie317 Member

    I went there and didnt find anything with boost 3 g fixes.
  4. ruthlessnature

    ruthlessnature Well-Known Member

    Did you figure this out yet??

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